Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letters From War

After a long break, I took a trip to Barnes and Noble today to pick out a couple books. One book that really caught my eye was Letters From War by Mark Schultz. It is written about his song that came out back in 2005. The song talks about a soldier who is overseas and writes letters back and forth to his mom back home. Then, she doesn't get any letters for a long period of time from him, but gets one from a man who told her that her son saved him and asked him to write to her telling her goodbye. At the end of the song the son comes home safe and sound. The book seems  a bit different, but I am so excited to read it! Jason and I have always loved that song, so the book holds a special place in my heart already. Here is a link to the video on YouTube I also picked up Karen Kingsbury's Take One. I've heard her series' are great, so I decided to give them a whirl!

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I have started my shopping list already! I really want to get done by the day after Thanksgiving this year so that I can get everything in the mail in time for Christmas. It's going to be a tough holiday season this year. It will be my first year away from home and I am not really looking forward to it =/ I know there are MANY family Christmases to come, but this one won't be one of the easy ones. I am still excited for the wintertime and season of love and giving.

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