Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hobby Lobby = Love

This week has been very eventful, even though it's only Thursday.  Jason had a story published on the front page of the station he works for website. You can read the story here:

I've been working a lot more than I expected to, which is very nice! I'm not working more days, just worked more hours in the days that I am scheduled. I really enjoy my job still :) The two other assistants and I get along really well. It's rare when you put a bunch of girls in a room and have them all get along, but thankfully we do.

We took a trip to Hobby Lobby this week and FINALLY finished our living room. We had a huge blank wall above our couch and could not find anything large enough to fit there... without spend way too much. We are trying to keep with the underplayed American theme in the living room and this is what we came up with for the wall...

Had to get the entire family in a picture :)

Once we put it up, it tied the entire room together. I also had a crafty type day on Tuesday. I made a fall looking wreath for the front window with our initial in it. Here is my finished product! I am so proud of myself :)

Jason and I saw Contagion last weekend and it made me terrified to get sick! In case you don't know what it is about, it's a disease that spreads through the world and kills people within 10 days of catching it. It killed like 60 million people in the movie. It was done really well! But we had a patient at work yesterday coughing a lot and I was standing off a bit ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letters From War

After a long break, I took a trip to Barnes and Noble today to pick out a couple books. One book that really caught my eye was Letters From War by Mark Schultz. It is written about his song that came out back in 2005. The song talks about a soldier who is overseas and writes letters back and forth to his mom back home. Then, she doesn't get any letters for a long period of time from him, but gets one from a man who told her that her son saved him and asked him to write to her telling her goodbye. At the end of the song the son comes home safe and sound. The book seems  a bit different, but I am so excited to read it! Jason and I have always loved that song, so the book holds a special place in my heart already. Here is a link to the video on YouTube I also picked up Karen Kingsbury's Take One. I've heard her series' are great, so I decided to give them a whirl!

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I have started my shopping list already! I really want to get done by the day after Thanksgiving this year so that I can get everything in the mail in time for Christmas. It's going to be a tough holiday season this year. It will be my first year away from home and I am not really looking forward to it =/ I know there are MANY family Christmases to come, but this one won't be one of the easy ones. I am still excited for the wintertime and season of love and giving.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Tonight I made Calzones made with pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives and cheese. They were so easy to make and turned out delicious! This is a direct quote from Jason: "This is better than restaurant quality!" He was very pleased. The dough I used was very sticky and I had some issues folding them, but once they baked they were fine.

Pillsbury Pizza Dough (I used thin crust to keep the carbs down a bit)
Pepperoni (as much or as little as you want)
1 can sliced mushrooms (or 1 package fresh mushrooms)
1 small can black olives
1 small jar pizza sauce

You can add whatever ingredients you want inside the pizza dough. We were thinking about making some kind of chicken calzone next :)

I used fresh mushrooms, so I cooked them in a skillet for about 15 mins. I cooked them in a little olive oil and added some garlic powder to make them delicious.

Photographer credit goes to my wonderful husband, Jason

Then, I rolled the dough out and cut it into fourths. You can cut it in half for larger calzones or into eights or smaller. Whatever works best for you.

Then, I put the pizza sauce on the dough (be sure not to go all the way to the edge so that the dough can stick together when folding them... I made that mistake.) Add any toppings you want on top of the sauce. Try to spread it evenly on the dough, but keep away from edges.

Bake in oven for about 10 mins at 400 degrees. I sprinkled cheese on top of them before I put them in the oven, but it burned a bit, so I wouldn't recommend it.


Surprise in Ohio

This past weekend I drove up to Ohio to join in on a surprise baby shower/going away party for one of my best friends, Valerie. I saw her over Labor Day weekend and had to pretend I was so sad that I wouldn't see her again before she moved to New Mexico. Little did she know that I was driving up just 2 weeks later :) It was so great to be able to surprise her and have lots of people that love her under one roof... including her mom all the way from California! It was a wonderful weekend full of love :) It's been so nice to have Val within driving distance, even for the short time we've been here.

The cutest pregnant lady ever!

Boo Boo's

Gorgeous day in Corn Country ;)

Diana and Valerie

The AMAZING cake that was made for Val.

When I was living in Colorado and Jason was still at USAFA, I used to listen to this song called "Far From Here" which was the theme song for Army Wives when it first started. I used to think that being far from USAFA and all that it comes with would be great and we would be so happy, but I am finding it the exact opposite! I miss Colorado and all the wonderful friends I made there like crazy. While we were in the middle of it it seemed awful, but now looking back, they were some of the best years of my life. I made some amazing friends that I will keep with me for the rest of my life and it made mine and Jason's relationship very strong. Here are some of the lyrics to the song:

Far From Here by Alissa Moreno
Fight hard on a night like this
Look for a star and wish
You could get out of it

Bite down and then pray, pray, pray
You'll make it through this to sing and say
You hold life dear

Moments turn to hours which become years...
And now I'm

Far from here, and we are happy
Far from here, we are all right
Far from here, things are peaceful
Far from here, we have insight
Far from here, we've detangled
Our strangled hold
And I hope to see you there

Rise high out of this whole scene
Look down and separate yourself
From your worst dream

Then fly far and then stay, stay, stay
Out of the way until the coast
Is clear and safe
I finally got a set schedule at work! I now work 8-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which is nice to have a day off every other day, but it's also only 24 hours per week which I was promised at least 30 =/ Oh well.

Jason has had a ton of stories on the radio and local television here! I am so proud of him. He is doing really well in his Jounalism program. We found out he got an A and a B+ in his two summer courses! They were really tough, but he did outstanding!
I am going to start documenting the things I cook and bake on here. I will document my recipe, where I got it and what we thought of it. I will try to remember to put pictures up of the process. Tonight I am making Calzone's so check back for the recipe and hopefully good reviews by the hubs ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 10 Years Ago

Jason and I have been home all day due to me being sick and Jason having a reaction to a flu shot he got on Friday. Because we are home, we've been watching a lot of television today and seeing a lot of footage from that horrible day in American history ten years ago. I think I told Jason 5 times that I can't believe it's been 10 years already. I feel like it just happened. I remember every detail of that day like it was yesterday. I was 14 years old and at the beginning of my Sophomore year of high school at Fairfield High. It was 6am in California and my brother and I were about to get up to get ready for school. My mom came into our rooms, trying not to sound too panicked, woke us up and told us to come out to the living room because history is being made. Little did we know what was happening across the country in New York.

I don't remember eating anything that day, I just remember sitting in front of the TV all day long. It was shocking, even to me, a young teenager who really didn't seem to care about anyone but myself. I remember when the first tower fell, it was silent in the living room. My mom would make periodic phone calls to my dad who was at work, but was watching on his TV there. Even though we were a country away from this terrorist attack, it was terrifying! We stayed home from school, my mom stayed home from work and my dad came home as soon as possible. It was a day that you were very thankful for the ones you love and grieve for strangers in New York who lost so many people on a normal work day.

Later that evening, we went to our local church and had a prayer meeting for all that were lost and hurting. I remember going with my mom and friend. Everyone was crying and felt so helpless. My brother was 16 at the time and wanted to join the Military at the moment to help find the people that did this to America. He ended up not joining the military, but became a Firefighter instead which is equally as heroic. Watching all the different shows from different perspectives from tons of different people makes it seem like it just happened and it still happening. I heard a story that I had never heard before about a blind man in one of the WTC towers and his seeing eye dog lead him down the stairs from the 77th floor and outside to safety. Even though he was blind, he was able to keep others and his dog calm while escaping the horror. I could go on and on about how many different stories I have heard, but I won't. Instead, here are some amazing photos from 10 years ago.

The Air Force Falcons had this symbol (above) on the back of their
helmets at yesterday's football game

The memorial where the WTC footprints are still there.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Feels like Home

Indiana is definitely feeling like home for us. We are all settled in our home and getting involved in a lot of different things. I am now working at an amazing dental office here in town, and it has been such a blessing. I found out about this opening from our pastor at church and everything fell into place so quickly! The girls I work with are amazing and the Dentist is such a joy to work for. I work in two different offices, one here in Bloomington and one in a neighboring town. It's a lot slower paced than Dr. Couchman's office, but it's nice to be comfortable with procedures after such a short period of time.

Jason is now working at the Indiana University television station as well as going to school. He should be on our local station tonight for the first time! He has been a little nervous about doing this story, but I have faith that he will do an amazing job! He just needs to do well on a couple stories to get his confidence up. I have seen some of his stories on his computer and it seems to just come so natural to him. I don't know how he does it, but I am so proud of him!

Valerie (Boo Boo) and her dog, Buddy, came to visit us this weekend! It was so great seeing her before she makes her move to New Mexico! I love to see God working in her and Jesse's lives. They were given the opportunity to move closer to Val's family in California and she will be able to stay at home with their baby when he/she is born in February/March. Such a blessing for them!

Here are some pics from our wonderful weekend:

Misty and Buddy had such a great time together! Misty has missed playing with bigger dogs since we moved away from Colorado.

We saw The Help this weekend and it was way better then I expected! I loved everything about it and kinda wish I had read the book before I saw the movie, but it was still amazing.

I receive Military Spouse Magazine through the mail and this month's was all about how 9/11 and 10 years of war changed the lives of military spouses everywhere. There was an article called "Things I Know for Sure" written by the Air Force Spouse of the Year. She made some great points about how her life would be different if September 11th had never happened. She is getting ready for her husband's 5th deployment and can't help but wonder how much more she would see him if it was just another day. Some of her main points were:

1. Military friendships are very unique and special. Some of the greatest "girlfriend memories" will happen when husbands are deployed.

2. The anticipation of the deployment is just as hard (if not harder) than the deployment itself.

3. I have yet to find an adequate answer to the often-asked question "How do you do it?" The truth is... I don't know how I do it. But somehow, some way, I find a way to get through each and every deployment.

4. Other military spouses are the only ones who truly get it.

If you have a chance to buy or subscribe to the magazine (all my military spouse friends) I will highly recommend it! It always has great articles and real life stories from military families :)

Jason and I are finally going to get back into our workout/diet plan. It's been so nice eating whatever we want these past few months (especially after not eating before the wedding... due to stress). But that has all caught up with us and it's time to get back on track. Wish us luck!