Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hobby Lobby = Love

This week has been very eventful, even though it's only Thursday.  Jason had a story published on the front page of the station he works for website. You can read the story here:

I've been working a lot more than I expected to, which is very nice! I'm not working more days, just worked more hours in the days that I am scheduled. I really enjoy my job still :) The two other assistants and I get along really well. It's rare when you put a bunch of girls in a room and have them all get along, but thankfully we do.

We took a trip to Hobby Lobby this week and FINALLY finished our living room. We had a huge blank wall above our couch and could not find anything large enough to fit there... without spend way too much. We are trying to keep with the underplayed American theme in the living room and this is what we came up with for the wall...

Had to get the entire family in a picture :)

Once we put it up, it tied the entire room together. I also had a crafty type day on Tuesday. I made a fall looking wreath for the front window with our initial in it. Here is my finished product! I am so proud of myself :)

Jason and I saw Contagion last weekend and it made me terrified to get sick! In case you don't know what it is about, it's a disease that spreads through the world and kills people within 10 days of catching it. It killed like 60 million people in the movie. It was done really well! But we had a patient at work yesterday coughing a lot and I was standing off a bit ;)

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