Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crafts and Combat Cam

Here we are in February already. I can't believe we are already talking about leaving Indiana. I feel like we just got here. No word on out next duty station yet, but the list is down to just six bases. NONE of them are out of the Unites States... which makes me happy but also a bit scared for the future. Our six remaining bases are USAFA, Denver, Kansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, and North Dakota. There are pros and cons for all of them, but that is to be said for any base we could potentially be stationed at. We keep praying and waiting to see what our future holds :)

This past weekend Jason and I did some crafts (Jason's craft was gluing one thing.. and it took him about 5 mins.) We went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday morning to gather all the supplies for the two crafts I decided to do (found on Pinterest, of course). Here are the finished products!

The three hearts are Northern California (met and married)
Colorado Springs / Air Force Academy 
and Bloomington, Indiana (our first home together)

Since I am always leaving my flat iron and blow dryer on
the counter, when I showed this to Jason he was all for it!
He glued the magazine holder to the inside of our bathroom
cabinet door and behold the perfect holder! 

Jason and I have talked at length about what he will be doing in the Air Force after we leave Indiana and he told me his dream is to become a Combat Camera commander. He would be in charge of a squadron of  airmen who take video and photos of combat for historical and training purposes. Here is a video of what he would love to be doing.

Work has not slowed down for me since the beginning of January, but I only have two more weeks of this crazy schedule before I go back to my normal days. :) Jason's school is going well, he is ready to be done with his master's and back in the Air Force, though.

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