Sunday, February 26, 2012

100's Night?

It looks as though we are 100 days until our PCS (Permanent Change of Station) to Georgia (approximately). I feel like Jason and I were still in our "honeymoon" state of mind during our last move (probably since we had JUST gotten back from our honeymoon). I plan to be as organized and prepared as possible. I got my Military Spouse magazine in the mail yesterday and it could not have been a better issue. It was their "PCS Issue" and had a TON of wonderful information on what to expect and how to prepare for a new place. There was an article about a Navy Wife who PCS'd from Hawaii to Twenty Nine Palms in the desert of Southern California. She said she was angry and felt abandoned by her deployed husband. She talks about how she made their new base a home and got involved doing things she loved and meeting new people. She ends her story by this wonderful quote:

"As Military spouses, we have it made. We get to travel the world and meet wonderful new people we never might have had the courage to meet if we weren't thrown in feet first. It might take a while to adjust, but it will be worth the wait. So go find the gems hidden in your new duty station - believe me, they're there. Even if they are buried in sand."

There is also a wonderful article about the importance of keeping in touch with your friends from a previous base. It's like this issue was written for me! It goes to show that I am not the only one with these difficulties and questions about the big move.

God worked wonders in my heart today at church. I was feeling really excited about moving to Georgia, but I know myself well, and knew with all the excitement, I forget about the wonderful friends and church I will be leaving behind. I received prayer and was immediately overwhelmed with an equal sense of excitement and sadness. God has blessed us abundantly here in Bloomington, and I am 100% sure He will do so in Valdosta. BUT, with those blessings we have become close to people, and are not ready to leave them yet. Through my last few moves (Colorado, Back and forth to California and Indiana) I detached myself from everything in the last few months of our stay, but this time I am going to savor every moment with our "family" here in Indiana. Better get ready to see entirely too much of me, Bekah ;)

On an non-PCS note, Jason and I saw Act of Valor yesterday. It was amazing! It got awful reviews, but the guys in it aren't actors, they are active duty Navy Seals. It makes me so thankful that Jason isn't a Navy Seal, but also so thankful for the men who risk their lives in missions most American's don't even know happen. I would definitely recommend it :)

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  1. I'm ready! ;) Girl, I am really excited for you and Jason. As I mentioned earlier this year, I really have a peace that God has gone before you. This doesn't mean it won't be challenging, but that you won't have to face it alone. He has your best interest in mind!

    I also meant it when I said that I will be crying when you leave.. tears of joy for all God has for you, and for the amazing friend that you have been to me... & tears of sadness that we will be venturing out into the next chapters of our lives apart. All that to say, I am SO thankful that I was the first person you met at High Rock last summer!! I know that God knew I needed you as a friend in my life.

    Love ya, girl.