Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas!

I think this is a new record for me. December 1st and I am 100% done with my Christmas shopping. Everything has even come in the mail already :) I went out at 4am on Black Friday and got almost everyone on my list taken care of. Then I finished up all the little things throughout the past week. I even started wrapping!

The day after Thanksgiving, Jason and I got into "Christmas Mode" and decorated the entire house in 2 days. We went back and forth to Target, but eventually got everything we needed. Since we are spending Christmas here in Indiana and not with either of our families, we really want it to look nice and feel like Christmas. Here are some pictures of our home decorated :)

We got our first snow storm this past week. We only got about an inch or two, but we were still excited. I guess Indiana gets quite a bit of snow, but we haven't seen too much of that yet. 

The day after Thanksgiving, Bloomington had something called the Canopy of Lights where they light all the lights downtown. It was such a gorgeous night and it really kicked off the Christmas season. Bloomington does a really great job getting people out and about. They have lots of festivals and markets for you to visit. Its a pretty big town but definitely has that small town feel. 

Downtown Bloomington - Canopy of Lights

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