Monday, December 12, 2011

Blessings, Christmas Tree and WTIU

This morning I was reading my Bible and praying about money and how much more we need in order to get to a place to expand our little family. I finally felt like I actually gave it up to God. Sometimes I will pray something and say the words, but not really mean them. I meant it with all my heart this morning. And God is so good, this afternoon at work I was offered two extra days per week working the front desk. I only work three (sometimes four) days per week and this will put me at 40+ hours and full time work. I knew I was going to get four full days, but the extra day just shows how much control God has over everything and He knows what is best. I was beginning to have second thoughts on if this job is where I should be, but now I have no doubt at all.

"No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."

We bought our Christmas tree this past week! It was so exciting bringing it home and watching Jason set it up. It felt like home having our own tree, and it will make our little Christmas that much better. I love opening ornaments because I always forget about some and it's a surprise when I find ones that I love but don't think about throughout the year. My mom gets all her "kids" and herself a new ornament each year and I love seeing the change every year.

All finished decorating -- after searching in four stores for 
more lights and a tree skirt :)

Lumberjack Jason!

2005 - 2010 minus 2007 which works since that was 
the year my mom had pneumonia.

Seems like just yesterday :)

The first ornaments we put on the tree.
Mine is a childhood unicorn (with a broken horn)
Jason's is the Air Force one he made.


Jason finished his Feature Story this past week and it was published online. The story is about a man whose wife passed away from an unknown cause of death and he is seeking answers from the hospital. Jason did an amazing job on the story and spent many long hours on it. I'm so proud of him. Here is the link to the story. 

Jason is finishing up his fall semester this week. We can not believe how quickly our time here is going by. He was on live television last week to help with the WTIU pledge drive. He did such a great job and when we get the DVD of it, we'll share :) For now, here is a picture.

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