Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"The riches of Your love will always be enough"

God is amazing! I think about how He has blessed me in ways I can't even imagine. On Sunday, Scott (our Pastor at High Rock) was talking about how God will show you something you want or need that you never even thought of. That happened to us this past weekend. We had a retreat with High Rock on Friday and Saturday and it was wonderful! Jason and I were looking forward to this weekend for a while. The sessions were amazing, but it was fellowship and meeting new people that stuck out to me. Jason and I are planning to spend the Holidays together here in Indiana instead of heading home to either California or Washington. I was planning to make Thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us and spend the day home. Then we met the wife of an Air Force Officer who just moved here to go to school with her husband and two young kids. It was so shocking and wonderful to meet another Air Force couple. The husband, Paul, is an Academy grad and his wife, Lisa, is a former AF officer from OTS, but got out a few years back. While we were at the retreat, Lisa turned to us and said that God was laying on her heart to invite us over for Thanksgiving. At that moment I realized that as much as I had been telling myself I was ok with it being just the two of us for the holidays, I was not. I almost started crying and had to immediately thanking God for knowing what was best for me.

All in all, the weekend was more than I could have ever expected! I got to spend time with some people who I knew but don't get to talk to very often. The camp had lots to do, but we didn't have too much free time to enjoy them. The one thing we did do it find the "jumping pillow" which was this inflatable blob that comes up from the ground. I'll post pictures below.

Jason and I are going to try and send out a Christmas card with a letter on all that is happening here (for those who don't read this... and for those who do). Our lives will be crazy while Jason is still in the Air Force so it will be hard to keep up with all the family and friends on a regular basis. We should find out where we are going next in February or March. It is going to be excited but also really sad when we have to leave our life here. It's something we have to learn to deal with being in the Air Force. It's such a blessing, rather than an inconvenience, to have such a rich life somewhere that it breaks your heart to have to leave.

Jason has been working hard in school and putting out a bunch of news stories! Here is his latest story http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/city-supports-occupy-bloomington-mans-death-23052/ . Yes, there is an "Occupy Bloomington" movement here at a public park downtown...

To end this pretty long blog, here are some pictures from this past weekend at the retreat :)

Bonfire! Cooking hot dogs and smores.

Before breakfast, such a gorgeous morning.

Jumping Pillow!!

Chapel where we had our sessions.

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