Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life Changing Events!

Jason and I started dating in December of 2005, got engaged in December of 2006 and never believed this time in our lives would ever arrive. I married my best friend three weeks ago and am now packing up to move to Indiana with him. It is our first move as an Air Force family and we could not be more excited. We head out of Colorado on the 23rd. I never thought I could love a state more than I loved my home state of California. But Colorado has a huge place in my heart and we will forever look back on these 4 years with fond memories. We made lifelong friends here and now we are all going our different ways. We have been truely blessed with Jason getting accdepted to Indiana University right out of USAFA for Graduate school and getting his Public Affairs job back after the Air Force decided that no 2011 graduate would receive one.

Since so much is going to change in the next year, I figured a blog would be the best way to keep everyone updated. The Lord has blessed us so much in this jouney so far, we can not wait to see what is next!

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