Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Day of Photos

I have been so terrible about updating my blog. I had an entire blog written out when Christian was 6 weeks old, but I couldn't decide on a title. I left it for a few hours that turned into weeks because Christian will be 12 weeks on Thursday. Oh well, one for my eyes only I guess. I saw this idea from Emily at Adventures of Alex & Emily and thought it was a great way to depict the life of a stay at home mom. Not sure where the day goes most of the time, but I figured it out by doing a picture per hour for an entire day... Here we go!

7:57 am
Christian wakes up. I hear him on the monitor and I hit the ground running. I have to change his diaper, mix a bottle, and get it in his mouth before the total meltdown happens. It hardly ever works out. I am usually mixing the bottle with the sounds of a baby who thinks he is about to die. I don't have a picture of this because I do it so quickly, I didn't have time. So here he is post-breakfast. He either plays on his activity mat or bouncer right after his morning meal. Yesterday it was the bouncer.

9:00 am
After tending to the baby and the dogs, it was finally time for my first cup of coffee and a little "me time" before the day of craziness begins. All three babies went back to sleep for the time being, so I got to catch up on my DVR. I finished Nashville and a leftover Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon from Friday night. I am addicted to it! But never watch it at night. After a day of running, I can't stay away until midnight! But I am getting ahead of myself.

10:00 am (ish)
I spent this entire hour on the phone with Comcast (or is it Xfinity? Are they the same thing? I am so confused by it). I usually love their customer service. They are always very friendly and take care of whatever I ask promptly. Well, not this time. After being transferred three different times over the course of an hour and 15 mins, I finally got our service changed. It wasn't what I had planned on doing for a hour, but it got done and I could concentrate on other pressing matters. Like a shower.

11:15 am
Time for lunch for the little man. He woke up from his nap and I was able to get a bottle in his mouth before the meltdown. Yess! 

12:05 pm
Time to head out for a bit. We went to Target for a few items and ended up spending 45 mins walking around. I try to get out of the house everyday so I don't go stir crazy. Even if it is just to take a walk outside (when it's nice) or a walk around Target (when it's cold). 

1:00 pm
Every weekday between 1:00 and 2:00, I talk to my mom during her lunch break. We have been doing this for years. Even when I was working, I had lunch at 1:00 and she has it at noon in California. It worked out perfectly, especially with my increasingly busy life with our mini human. Christian was very happy to spend his time playing on his activity mat. He is hitting and grabbing his toys with the cutest laugh I've ever heard!

2:10 pm
For those who didn't see my Facebook post about mine and Jason's "bet" on the Oscars, here is a screen shot.

I won 11-10, but since I love my hubby so much, I decided to vacuum yesterday anyway. Plus, our house REALLY needed it. We got a new vacuum a couple months ago and I have never used it. I started vacuuming the living room and realized I was just fluffing up the carpet, it wasn't picking anything up. Great. This is why I don't vacuum. So I clean out the filter and try to empty the cylinder. I can't figure out how to open it. I try everything. Twisting, turning, pulling... nothing. So much for a clean carpet surprise for Jason. I put the vacuum away, defeated. 

3:00 pm
Time for lunch for me. I sometimes forget to eat throughout the day until I get light headed. I put Christian down for his afternoon nap and had a delicious lettuce wrap. It was a brief moment to myself. I pretend I like time to myself, but I would rather have my chubster with me.

4:05 pm
After another feeding for this bottomless pit, he wanted some mommy time (and mommy always wants some baby time!). I love watching how much he changes day to day, from being a tiny newborn to turning into a baby with more expressions than I could ever imagine! 

5:00 pm (on the dot!)
Misty has an internal clock. She knows she usually gets fed at 5:00 so she stares at me with insanely intense eyes until I decide it's time to eat. This time, even Christian seemed a little uncomfortable with her stare. We were still having fun an hour later. Seriously, how could I do anything else but bond with this little one?!

6:20 pm
Jason is now home, dinner is started, and I realize I am still being stared at by a black dog. Oops, gotta feed the four legged babies! Lacy always pretends like what I feed her is less than edible. Like I don't buy you all natural, grain free, delicious food? You eat better than we do, little girl. She does eat, eventually. I think she just likes to wait until Misty is done (3 seconds later) so she has to watch her eat. She definitely has a mean side.

7:00 pm
Everyone has been fed and it was time to sit down with my loving husband and a glass of wine. We watched Catch Me If You Can last night, I had never seen it. Wow, how did I miss such a great movie? 

8:35 pm
The house was asleep. Except for me, of course. I knew Christian would be up in the next hour to hour and a half for one final feeding before he goes down for the night. I caught up on a little reading. I am still reading Raising Real Men by Hal and Melanie Young. HIGHLY recommended for anyone blessed with a little boy.

9:12 pm
I remembered I had clothes in the dryer, so I put down the book to fold it so nothing was looming in the morning. It was a load of tiny pants, onesies and sleepers. I LOVE tiny clothes. It breaks my heart that the tiny clothes are getting less tiny every day.

10:12 pm
My head hits the pillow and I fall asleep to the sounds of Christian's soother playing in the room across the hall along with Jason and the two dogs softly snoring. I definitely wasn't productive in the normal sense, but as a mommy of a constantly growing and changing little man, it was a very productive day. Sorry no picture from the end of the day.

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