Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Year on Fire!

Well, tomorrow is mine and Jason's one year anniversary. I can not believe how much we have been through this year already, and how much more in love we are today than we were last year. I hope and pray that we continue to grow in our love for each other in the upcoming years of marital bliss.

We had planned to celebrate our anniversary this weekend with exchanging gifts and then heading to the Warehouse for dinner. The Warehouse was the first place we went out to dinner here in Colorado Springs back in 2006 during Prep School Parents Weekend. I got Jason a gift certificate for Sky Venture indoor skydiving in Denver and he got me the most amazing gift I have ever received. A hand painted picture of myself from our wedding day. The pictures I post won't do it justice, but it is done so well and is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so bless to have such a thoughtful and loving husband :)

Amazing, right? I can not wait to hang it in our new house... which we get the keys to on TUESDAY! Our stuff doesn't get delivered until Friday, but still exciting! :)

Now, I said Jason and I were heading to dinner last night at the Warehouse. Well, that didn't happen. I am sure most of you have heard or seen that there are some insane fires here in Colorado. One popped up on the other side of the front range around noon yesterday and was headed East towards Colorado Springs. We were put on a voluntary evacuation last night and got everything packed up in case we had a mandatory evacuation in the middle of the night. Nothing too serious has happened today. The fire is spreading like crazy and is threatening the surrounding towns here, but not Colorado Springs, yet. We have spent the last 24 hours at home, watching the news and waiting for any info. I keep reminding Jason that this is going to be a GREAT story to tell our kids about our first year anniversary ;) 

Here are some pictures from the fire. We have a great view of it from Laura's deck.

Around 1pm on Saturday

Saturday evening

Sunday morning

Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon - the first time we have seen flames over
the mountain range.

We are so thankful that we know so many people in Colorado Springs and have a place to stay if we need to evacuate. Plus, we have had plenty of time to prepare for a possible evacuation and won't have to scramble around to gather all our belongings. Keep us in your prayers these next few days. And for updates about the EIGHT fires in Colorado burning right now, keeps you in the know!

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