Friday, May 18, 2012

The Countdown Begins

Well, here we are, a little over two weeks from our second PCS. The movers come in 13 days and we head out four days after that. It still hasn't sunk in. Probably because everything in our house still looks the same, you would never guess we are moving halfway across the country. I'm really excited for the next chapter in our lives but also sad to leave everything we have built here. But that's military life for you.

A couple of weeks ago my parents came for a visit. They were here for five days and it was a time filled with lots of laughs and love. We went to the Kentucky Derby, but ended up leaving early and watched the actual race on TV at home. There were 165,000 people there, it was humid and our claustrophobia was kicking in haha. But overall, it was a great visit :)

Placing our bets!

Grilling with our HUGE grill ;)

Lucas Oil

The Avengers in 3D

Our winning tickets :)

Yesterday was my last day of work here in Indiana. I start my "new" job at Dr. Couchman's on June 11th, so I have a little time to relax/pack/move until I get back into working. I am glad that we are moving, but it was sad to leave, once again, the people I have gotten close to at work. Wendy, the other assistant, gave me a baby blanket yesterday that she had been working on for a while. It has pink and blue in it so whatever we have (and whenever we have a baby) we can use it. It was so sweet of her! I really will miss her. She brought breakfast yesterday and then prayed with me before everyone else got there. 

Later today we are heading out on a little camping trip with the Eckhardt's! We are renting canoes and going out to our campsite for tonight and tomorrow. I am so excited!! We haven't been camping in years. We are taking the dogs in the canoe, so hopefully we will all stay inside the canoe ;)

Even though Jason and I lived in Colorado for four years (five for Jason), I am really excited to make new friends, start a new church and make a life for us... together. When we were there before, we had our own separate lives. We would see each other on the weekends, but that was about all the time we had together. Now that we are married we will be able to get involved in a lot more! Our pastor here at High Rock Church sent us a couple churches in the area that he thinks might be a good fit. The one that stood out to us the most was Discovery Christian Church. They have a small group for military members and their spouses. It is lead by an active duty member and helps you get connected while in a place for a short time. I am really looking forward to checking it out. Here is the link in case you are curious ;)

Finally, Jason is FINISHED with his final project. The documentary that he has been working on since October is finally done and turned in. He still has class for the next two weeks, but the worst of over :) I am so proud of him for getting his Masters in less than a year! Not many people can accomplish that. God has truly blessed us these past months in Indiana. We had no idea what to expect when we got here, but it has been such a growing experience in our love and marriage, our walk with Christ and individually. 

With the future unknowns with military life, I find this verse speaks peace to my heart daily...

Deuteronomy 31:8 "The LORD himself will go before you and will be with you. He will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; Do not be discouraged"

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