Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo Shoot and Pasta Salad

We might have some major changes going on here in the next couple days... But until we are 100% I won't post on it ;) (no, I am not pregnant haha)

Recently I made my mom's and now my pasta salad. I have made this dish for so many different occasions and get together's throughout the years, and it is a crowd pleaser! I thought I would shade the recipe... well, I just wrote it out and it's not really a recipe haha. All I do is add about 3 small packages of artificial crab to 2 boxes Suddenly Salad Classic. Make the pasta according to the box and mix in the shredded crab to the pasta and dressing. So simple and so delicious!

This past weekend, our friend, Rebekah, took some pictures of me and Jason with Jason in his ABU's. I really wanted a picture for the top of this blog, but she was so sweet and made a whole "photo shoot" out of it. Here are some of our fave pictures :)

I love Bekah! We really do look like sisters, I don't
care what anyone else says ;)

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