Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crazy thing called life.

Yesterday we witnessed our first REAL tornado warning. We had a couple in Colorado Springs, but nothing too severe. I was at work when I heard the tornado sirens go off, but had to finish out the day before I could go home. Jason picked me up from work and we stayed in his car in the parking garage until the storm had passed. Nothing actually touched down, but I guess there were some funnel clouds spotted. Here are some pictures from after it had passed (I was too scared during the storm to take pictures haha).

The storm moving away.

Hail at our house.

Hail and the lake that was made in 
about30 minutes.

Jason and I went to a few antique stores today to browse what they had. They have a huge antique mall downtown that has a nice selection and it very well laid out. I found a wooden "G" that I put in our living room and some tiny American flags that match our theme. We had lunch at Darn Good Soup, and outside they had a display of art and the artist did mostly giraffes! I was in love with some of the paintings, but I refrained from spending $200 on one ;)

LOVE this one!

In doggy news, we got Lacy groomed... finally! Jason wanted to grow her hair out for the winter and save money on grooming, so she was really fluffy and shabby looking. Now, she looks like a rat haha. There is no middle ground with that dog. She has to feel better being short, though. 


After :)

In moving news, we got orders!! We are OFFICIALLY going to Schriever AFB, Colorado. We have a departure date of June 1st and a report no later than date of June 30th, but Jason would have to take some leave if we wait until June 30th to get there. We should be rolling out of Indiana in early June sometime. The drive is pretty easy (seems like we just did it 10 months ago.... oh we did) but we plan to take two days and tow my Highlander behind the Jeep. We are planning to get on the waiting list for base housing on Monday. The housing looks gorgeous! I really hope we are able to get one. We won't know until shortly before we get there, but our friend, Laura, has offered her home if we don't have a place to stay :)

Finally, my dad took this amazing picture of a hummingbird feeding her baby in their backyard. I told him he should enter a photo contest! It's one of the best photos I have seen (probably second to the moon picture you took, Dad).

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  1. thanks for putting in the picture and putting up the "G" for Gary in your livingroom ;)